Halloween Quotes from Secret Pal

Hidden beneath a ghoulish mask or the white sheet of a ghost, you can secretly admire someone special during Halloween. Including secretive Halloween messages from secret pal in a Halloween card to your special someone can add a hint of mystery to the Halloween trick-or-treating or party time. The Halloween quotes from secret pal you include in your messages should be crafted to spark curiosity, a sense of fun, and mysterious intrigue. Use this category to secretly wish your special someone a Happy Halloween form their secret pal. We here at CardMessages.com wish you a spooky (and safe) Halloween!!

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  • This special Halloween message is from someone that secretly wishes they could just say, "Hey, Boo!"

  • Halloween wishes from an anonymous buddy coming to you like stinky feet trick-or-treaters!

  • Happy Halloween To You from me tee-hee-hee! Secrets are so funny!

  • I’m wishing you the best Halloween ever knowing you have no idea who sent this letter! Hope it’s awesome like you!

  • It’s a secret. It’s a hidden clue. It’s a special Halloween wish that’s just for you! Happy Halloween From A Secret Pal

  • If you’re like most, you are just dying to know. So sorry I can’t tell you, but I still think you’re as awesome as a super cool ghost! Happy Halloween From Your Hidden Buddy!

  • Invisible? Not really. Just not telling who I am Happy Birthday To You From An Unseen Friend!

  • I tried to leave my name for you at the bottom of this card. But that ridiculous witch thought it a funny trick to zap it into the stars! Happy Halloween From Your Secret Pal

  • Some things just can’t be told. Happy Halloween. Nope still not telling who this is from!

  • Who knew I’d want you to be my BOO!? Happy Halloween From Your Secret Pal!

  • Getting me to spill the beans could take a lot of bribery. It’s Halloween and I felt a need to do something a little more tricky! Happy Halloween From Your Secret Buddy!

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