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Halloween Quotes for Kids

Halloween can be a magical time for children. Some may find it scary but most will love the time with friends and the candy from trick-or-treating. Others will just enjoy a Halloween party. Whatever the case, sending Halloween messages for kids will get them to think about it more and get into the Halloween spirit. The Halloween quotes for kids you put into their Halloween card can help inspire them to make their own costume, help out with trick-or-treaters, and enjoy themselves while creating long and lasting memories. We here at wish you a spooky (and safe) Halloween!!

Halloween Quotes For Kids

  • No Halloween would be complete without candy corn. It’s just impossible! Happy Halloween!

  • Happy Halloween, Daughter! You deserve the most treats because you’re a wonderful daughter that’s really, really sweet!

  • Pumpkin, pumpkin, what have you to say? Happy Halloween, Nephew from an Aunt and Uncle that loves you so much today!

  • Even witches know that you deserve the best Halloween there can be. So, I’ve asked some to do some magic and make yours super happy!

  • Why don’t boys play "Hide and Go Shriek"? It’s a game that’s just for "ghouls"! Happy Halloween!

  • Happy heeby-jeebies! That’s what you’re sure to get this Halloween!!

  • Hope this Halloween is the ghoul-est ever!

  • Hope your Halloween is the cat’s meow!

  • Hey there, Sweetie! Happy Halloweenie!!

  • This howl-iday is going to the dogs! Happy Halloween!

  • Smile It’s Pumpkin Day!!

  • May happiness and lots of howling good things fill your Halloween!

  • Totally sweet and packed with treats that’s my Halloween wish for your day!

  • Yumminess, mumminess, and happiness to you this Halloween!

  • Today’s going to be a howl! Happy Halloween!

  • May your Halloween be as boo-tiful as ever!

  • If you were it, it’s sure to be super boo-tiful! Enjoy costuming this Halloween!

  • Hope your Halloween is a treat bag full of deliciousness!

  • It’s a brainer Halloween is supposed to be super fun! Just ask Frankenstein! Happy Halloween, Son!

  • Hope you have the yummiest Halloween ever!

  • May your Halloween be a coffin load of frightful fun!

  • Only a witch would want your Halloween to be less than awesome! We all know they have issues!! Happy Halloween, Daughter!

  • Happy Halloween To A Fang-tastic Nephew!

  • Goblins need to be watched constantly. They are known to totally devoir your treats when you’re not looking!!

  • Happy Scary-Them-Silly Night also known as Halloween!!

  • Halloween is not about the scary stuff. It’s about the happiness that just seems to magically appear!

  • Fun during day .fun during the night. I hope your Halloween is full of treats and frights!

  • Halloween greetings to a special daughter that is full of magic!

  • Hoping your Halloween is as awesome as you! Happy Halloween, Son!

  • This little kitty wants you to know that he wishes you a Happy Meow-loween because he loves you so!

  • Hope Baby’s First Halloween is Boo-tiful!

  • Boo after boo! I hope you have a Halloween that’s full of fun, too!

  • Go freak somebody out! It’s Halloween!

  • May you have a Halloween that’s too "ghoul" to be true!

  • Any good witch knows that Halloween will fly by quickly, so you’d better get all your trick-or-treats in early!! So Happy Trick-or-Treating!!

  • May your Halloween be paws-atively wild!

  • Halloween means gobs of fun and it means gobs of treats. I hope that yours is super cool and one that can’t be beat!

  • I’ll be happy when it’s here because it will be lots of fun. Halloween is a special time for special little ones! Happy Halloween, Granddaughter!

  • Halloween may be a little different from last year. Don’t be surprised to see froggy eyes and hear them exclaim, "It’s Halloween again this year!"

  • Silly ghosts may invade your neighborhood this frightful Halloween night! But, don’t be afraid, they’re a crazy bunch and they prefer to laugh instead of causing a fright!

  • Your first Halloween is sure to be fun and sure to be full of delight. We’ll keep ghosts at bay and vampires away, and if they come near, we’ll give THEM a fright! Happy 1st Halloween!

  • I hope this gift proves more than a surprise. I hope it means you’ll get a treat. It’s just a part of what comes from my heart, and I’m giving it to you because you’re super sweet! Happy Halloween!

  • Ever wonder if it’s REALLY possible to eat yourself crazy? Hey, let’s try to find out this Halloween!

  • Don’t get too scared, it’s only for a day. Happy Halloween and may you have fun in every way!

  • May your Halloween be one magical minute after the next! Happy Halloween, Daughter!

  • Scratch up a wild Halloween!

  • One of the best tricks that you’ll ever do could be to make your Halloween treats vanish into thin air! Now, you see them. Gulp, gulp! Now, you don’t! Happy Halloween!

  • You never know what you will get or what your Halloween treats will be. I hope that yours is super fun and everything you’ve ever dreamed!

  • A night of wonder, a night of fright, hope your Halloween is a ghoul’s delight!

  • No bones about it You’re Halloween will be awesome!

  • Expect the unexpected this Halloween. Scary, isn’t it! Happy Halloween!

  • Counting down the days until you have a blast and get a thrill! Happy Halloween, Niece!

  • Dracula would be proud to call you pal. You’re a cool kid, I’m glad to know, and I hope your Halloween is a big "WOW"!

  • The littlest pumpkins get all the attention because they are so cute and small. That’s why I’m sending this Halloween greeting to the most darling one of all! Happy Halloween!

  • Hope you have a wild Halloween. One that’s full of fright! I hope you have one that’s full of treats for a wonderfully awesome night!

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