Halloween Quotes For Friends

Remember the Halloween parties as a child or a college student? All the fun you and your friends have now and in the past makes Halloween a great night to remember. If you want to remind them about Halloween or make them remember all the fun times, send them Halloween messages for friends in the Happy Halloween card you make for them. Using the Halloween quotes for friends in this category will help get them into the Happy Halloween spirit. So, get your costume ready, look through the messages on this site, and send a card today. We here at CardMessages.com wish you a spooky (and safe) Halloween!!

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  • The wackier the better The same goes for friends! Happy Halloween to one of the best ever!

  • You’re one of the sweetest treats of my life! Happy Halloween!

  • Some people get all of the great stuff! If I had a head like yours we’d be more than friends We’d be twins! Happy Halloween!

  • I couldn’t have wished for a more BOO-tiful friend! Happy Halloween!

  • Friends add an extra sweetness to Halloween!

  • You never make me BOO WHOOOO That’s why I’m glad you’re my friend! Happy Halloween!

  • What’s hanging, buddy? Happy Halloween!

  • She may not be the most "cool" one around, but she’s yours! Happy Halloween to your mother’s twin! LOL!

  • Being friends with you makes celebrating Halloween even more of a treat!

  • You were made to be my friend! Happy Halloween!

  • I love being friends with someone that I can just let it all hang out with! Happy Halloween!

  • May your Halloween be frightfully funny!

  • I don’t want to miss one goblin thing this Halloween! Keep me in the loop on the fun!

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