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Valentine Quotes for a Friend

Sending Valentine messages for a friend doesn’t necessarily need a romantic theme. You may wish to send Valentine’s Day quotes for friends you care about just because you want them to know you think about them even on special days. You may want to let them know how special they mean to you and that they deserve all the love and happiness in the world. Creating Happy Valentine’s Day messages for your friends will bring a smile to their faces and warmth to their hearts. Especially if they contain candied hearts!

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Valentine Quotes For a Friend

  • Having someone to share my good times and my tough times with has been so important. Thank you for being that person! Happy Valentine’s Day, Friend!

  • You are there for me and my life is better because I have you in it! Happy Valentine’s Day To My Wonderful Friend!

  • Your friendship is wonderful. Thanks!! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • A friend like you deserves roses. You deserve chocolates. You deserve everything wonderful. A friend like me is grateful to have such an awesome friend that is so worthy of being spoiled! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • I could never forget a friend like you. You just mean too much to me! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • I didn’t want to overdo it. So Happy Valentine’s Day TO MY AWESOME, AMAZING, WONDERFUL, FANTASTIC, TERRIFIC FRIEND! Subtle right?

  • You are very special to me. You’re exactly how I hoped all my friends would be! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • You know so much about who I am and who I would like to be. You’re a true friend and that makes me super happy! Have a Fantastic Valentine’s Day!

  • Any time I think of which friends mean the most to me you pop into my heart and warm my heart! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Being a fantastic friend is not easy work. You’re definitely a pro at it though! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Even though we may have many men that only stay around for a moment, it’s so fantastic to have true friends that will forever help you to totally laugh at those men once they’re gone! Happy Valentine’s Day To My True Friend!

  • Fill me in on the where and when! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • For some reason, when Valentine’s Day rolls around, visions of you are always dancing in my head! Happy Valentine’s Day, Friend!

  • Great friends don’t come along every day. But I’m super glad that you’re one that came my way! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Great times start with great friends like you. You’re priceless! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Here’s a heart-felt Valentine’s Day greeting to let you know that your friendship means the world to me. Hope you have an awesome day!

  • I can always count on you to be what I need a true friend! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • I knew that I had to send you a Valentine’s wish that would capture the essence of our friendship. Here it goes Cool! Hope this is not too over the top! Have a fabulous Valentine’s Day, Friend!

  • I wouldn’t change a thing about you, Friend! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • If I had nine lives, I still might not find another friend as special as you. Thanks for being who you are! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • If it makes you giggle, I’m wishing it for you this Valentine’s Day!

  • If sharing is caring, then, you must really care about me. For that, I’m extremely grateful! Happy Valentine’s Day, Friend!

  • It seemed like we were just destined to be friends forever. That’s just too cool! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • It’s not just about lovers. It’s a day for showing love, and that is especially true for friends that we love dearly! Happy Valentine’s Day To A Special Friend!

  • My life is more wonderful because I have a friend in you! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • My special thoughts are on you and our friendship, which is exactly where they should be! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Not everyone will be a true friend. I just got lucky with you! Happy Valentine’s Day, Friend!

  • Our friendship is precious to me. Let’s celebrate it this Valentine’s Day!

  • Some people will never understand you and I are totally right for each other. Thanks for being my friend! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • There’s no better time than now to say, I’m happy that we’re friends this Valentine’s Day!

  • They say that birds of a feather flock together. Let’s go flocking! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • To My BFF Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Trust in a friendship is extremely important to its longevity. I trust you and I know that you have always guarded my thoughts, my fears, and my deepest feelings. I thank you for that and for just being who you are my friend! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Two peas in a pod that’s me and you! Happy Valentine’s Day To My Special Friend!

  • We clicked. We laughed. We shared. We endured. We are friends forever! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • We haven’t been friends forever but it feels like it! Happy Valentine’s Day To My New Friend!

  • You bring happiness to my days and excitement to my life, Friend! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • You deserve a Valentine’s Day fit for royalty just like me! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • You make life sweeter, Friend! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • You’re great and great to know! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • You’re sweet and so is our friendship! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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