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Difficult Time Valentine Quotes

Despite the overflowing love on Valentine’s Day, sometimes people can experience tragedies in the form of breakups, unwanted Valentine messages, or loss. During these times, the difficult Valentine messages you include in a special Valentine’s Day card to the ones you love may help soften the blow they have experienced. Giving them hope through love, letting them know they are loved by you and others can have a tremendous positive effect on a difficult situation. Please consider giving the words of love to those who may need them desperately.

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Difficult Time Valentine

  • As you go through this tough time, remember your friends and family love you on Valentine’s Day and throughout the year. Hope always remains.

  • While you have our sympathy, we wanted you to know that you have our love too. We wish all the love Valentine’s Day can bring to you.

  • Breakups suck! I’m so sorry to hear about it but wanted to let you know that I love you now, on Valentine’s Day, and forever. I’ll always be there for you.

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