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Halloween Quotes for Grandkids

Halloween for your grandchildren can truly become magical. They will remember the stories of Halloween from when you were a child. Or the ghostly stories you may have told them around the fireplace or camp fire. Sending your Halloween messages for grandkids in your Halloween cards to them can spark their memories of all the fun Halloween times you had together whatever their age now. Including fun Halloween quotes for grandkids will bring extra joy to the fun of trick-or-treating and all that candy. So, get your costume ready, look through the messages on this site, and send a card today. We here at wish you a spooky (and safe) Halloween!!

Halloween Quotes for Grandkids

  • You will never get a Halloween treat as sweet as you! Happy Halloween To My Granddaughter!

  • Grandson, here’s wishing you a Halloween full of surprises!

  • Happy Halloween, Granddaughter! Hoping that your day bursts with happiness and yummy treats!

  • I am so happy to have grandkids that are super sweet. Hope your Halloween is an awesome, amazing treat!

  • Have a batty time this Halloween, Grandson! It’s all about having a high-flying day!

  • May you be TREATED with a truckload of goodies! Happy Halloween, Granddaughter!

  • Your little costume is sure to be a cutie. Just like the little girl wearing it my Smoochie Patootie! Happy Halloween, Granddaughter!

  • If you have received this card then you know, there’s someone that thinks you’re as awesome as the coolest ghost! Happy Halloween, Grandson!

  • Pumpkins are orange and kittens are too. Granddaughter, I hope this Halloween is extra great for you!

  • The ghouliest of goblins, the ghastliest of ghosts wish they were as cool as you the kid that we all love the most! Happy Halloween!

  • Wishing you a screamin’ good time this Halloween! Happy Treat Day, Great-Grandson!

  • Hope your Halloween’s one hairy, scary good time!

  • Wishing you a magical and mystical Halloween! Happy Pumpkin Day, Great-Granddaughter!

  • May your Halloween be amazingly fun and frightfully fantastic! Happy Halloween, Granddaughter!

  • For as wonderful as candy can be, it will never come close to being as sweet as you are to me! Happy Halloween, Granddaughter!

  • Hope your Halloween is a trucker’s delight, Grandson!

  • All ghouls and goblins know that you’re the best grandson ever, and I love you so! Happy Halloween!

  • A sweet little kiss just for a granddaughter like you. That’s what I’m sending this Halloween and may all your candy dreams come true!

  • Hope Halloween’s buzzing with happy times and plenty of treats! Happy Halloween, Granddaughter!

  • Don’t be surprised if someone gets you confused with all of those cutely wrapped goodies on Halloween. You’re just as sweet and that’s no surprise!

  • Have a treat wranglin’ great day this Halloween! Happy Halloween, Grandson!

  • If every candy was as sweet as you, Halloween would be even more special for everyone else too! Happy Halloween, Granddaughter!

  • Even the moonlight can’t outshine you, Grandson! Happy Halloween!

  • My favorite trick-or-treater is someone that’s special, too. Every ghost and goblin knows that it’s super wonderful you! Happy Halloween, Grandson!

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