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Easter Quotes for Kids

With more than 90 million Easter bunnies made from chocolate each year, children have learned to love Easter. Despite its strong religious background, the promise of an Easter egg hunt, jelly beans, and chocolate excite children. Making a Happy Easter card using the Easter messages for kids on this website, and including Easter candy with it will earn you kudos with them. If the children are making Easter cards for their friends, then you can find Easter wishes for kids on this website for that too. We here at wish you and your family a terrific Easter holiday!

Easter Quotes for Kids

  • Whenever there’s a First Easter for a little one, the Easter Bunny gets all excited and can’t wait to come! Happy First Easter To Baby Boy!

  • A nice little one like you deserves the best Easter magic that the Easter Bunny can do! Happy Easter!

  • Snuggly hugs and bunny kisses are what I’m sending with these Easter wishes! Happy Easter!

  • To A Sweet Girl I’ll bet that Easter Bunny will catch you smiling this Easter! You’re going to really make him HOPPY!

  • Easter dreams of yummy treats and lots of fun things to do. That’s what I wish for someone sweet and that somebunny is you! Happy Easter!

  • Hey there, Little one! Hope your Easter’s a basket of fun!

  • The sweetest the cutest the huggiest, too. Happy Easter and many blessings to you!

  • You make us all so happy that we didn’t want to forget to say, Happy Easter, Sweetie! May you have hugs and kisses all day!

  • Hope this Easter brings you more than you can chew! Happy Easter!

  • Supereggaliciousyummychocobunnybean All of that is a fun way to say, "Happy Easter From Me"!

  • You are totally eggs-ellent!

  • You’ve got this Easter in the bag. With your kindness, the Easter Bunny won’t let you get by without bringing you a bunch of goodies! Happy Easter!

  • Boys and bunnies go together like PB&J. Hope you and the Easter Bunny have a fantastic day! Happy Easter!

  • Bunnies always know the good kids like you. That’s why they always come hopping and bringing goodies, too! Happy Easter!

  • Certainly you’re somebunny that deserves this Happy Easter greeting! Hope your Easter is great!

  • Coming your way are some hugs and kisses. You’ll get them all along with a basket full of Easter wishes! Happy Easter!

  • Don’t let the Easter Bunny get away without leaving a basket full of fun!! Happy Easter!

  • Easter blessings to my godchild for the most wonderful Easter ever!

  • Easter wishes are being sent right to you for an Easter that’s filled with goodies and loads of fun, too!

  • Easter wishes are rolling your way from someone who hopes you have a phenomenal day!

  • Everybody knows that you’re a very special little one. That’s why everybody’s wishing you an Easter that’s happy and fun!

  • From start to end, hope there’s fun for you. Happy Easter from You Know Who!

  • Gobs of goodies and lots of cool surprises are what I wish for you this Easter!

  • God bless you with an Easter that’s sweetly wrapped with His grace and love! Happy Easter!

  • Happy Easter, Godchild! May your day be filled with sweet hugs and yummy treats!

  • Hello, there! Just wanted to tell ya "Happy Easter"!

  • Here..there everywhere. May your Easter be a day of fantastic surprises! Happy Easter!

  • Hope it’s fun and hopes it’s great. Be sure you make Easter a day that you celebrate! Happy Easter!

  • Hope you have a hopping good time this Easter!

  • Hope you have a hopping great time and a hopping Easter, too. With all of this happy hopping you’re sure to get someone’s hug to hop into! Happy Easter!

  • Hope your Easter is delish-chick! Happy Easter!

  • Hope your Easter is jam-packed full of eggs-itement!

  • Hoppy Easter to You!! Hope it’s the hoppiest ever!

  • Hugs galore! You can expect that and much more! Happy Easter!

  • I know and the Easter Bunny nose, too! You’re a fantastic kid, and you deserve a Happy Easter just for you!

  • I never could forget to wish you a Happy Easter, kid! You’re much too cool and much too sweet, and that’s no fib! Happy Easter!

  • I was rushing to send this Easter wish for a fantastic day!

  • I’m sending the biggest, bestest, most exciting wish your way. Here’s hoping that your Easter is an extra wonderful day!

  • It’s a quack attack! Everybody hide your Easter baskets the ducks on coming, the ducks are coming! Happy Easter!

  • Knowing you makes me happy! Happy Easter to Sweet, Wonderful You!

  • Little Bunny, you’re a bundle of joy! We hope you have an Easter that’s even better than before!

  • May you smile a while this Easter! Have a wonderful day!

  • May your Easter be EGGS-ACTLY the way you want it!

  • May your Easter be a blast!

  • One of the most Eggs-elent people that I’ve ever known is reading this card! Happy Easter To You!

  • Rabbits are notorious for playing kissy-face. You are sure to end up with loads of smooches this Easter!

  • Sending you more wishes than you can imagine for an awesome Easter!

  • Smiles are totally IN this season! Happy Easter!

  • Springtime wishes and Easter blessings to You!

  • They call me the Easter Bunny, but some just call me E.B. I’m here to wish you the best Easter ever from cuddly, lovable Me! Happy Easter!

  • Wonderful, little, and, oh, so cute, too .That’s why I’m sending this Easter wish to you! Happy Easter!

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