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Religious Easter Quotes

After Jesus Christ gave his life for us he ascended to heaven. Easter is the religious holiday that celebrates his resurrection and ascension. The 40 days before Easter Sunday, called Lent, are meant for us mere mortals to reflect and accept penance for our transgressions. Creating religious Easter messages for your friends and family will help keep these religious traditions and meanings of Easter alive in them. The religious Easter greetings on this website will help you make the perfect messages and remind everyone of the religious aspects of Easter. We here at wish you and your family a terrific Easter holiday!

Religious Easter Quotes

  • Somehow I know that God works in your life. It shows in your care, sweetness, and in your giving spirit. Happy Easter! You are truly blessed!

  • Easter is a time of reflection and a time to recognize the miracles that God has brought into our lives. My prayer is that you have the opportunity to experience His greatest miracle of all His eternal love! Happy Easter!

  • May the word of God lead you, guide you, and forever keep you safe in His care. Happy Easter!

  • Easter Blessings For You My prayer is that each day of your life be a testimony of God’s love and power. Happy Easter!

  • Easter blessings for a holiday that shines with wonder and is filled with love. Happy Easter!

  • May you be uplifted with happiness and God’s eternal love this Easter! Peace, blessings, and a Happy Easter to You!

  • May your Easter be as bright of the most glorious spring day and give you the opportunity to bask in the love of God! Happy Easter!

  • You are a blessing to others at Easter and always. May you reap the benefits of your kindness! God bless you.

  • Wishing you the most amazing Easter ever! It is the season for believing! Happy Easter!

  • With every spring comes an abundance of new life. May you experience the joy, happiness, and beauty of this holy season. Happy Easter!

  • Praying that God’s love be a powerful source of happiness in your life. Happy Easter!

  • You are one of God’s most precious blessings! Happy Easter!

  • Being Christians has helped to make us even better friends. I love that! Happy Easter and May God Forever Bless You!

  • Best wishes this Easter!

  • Blessings come to those that God loves. May yours overflow at Easter and always!

  • Easter blessings for a season filed with hope, happiness, and serenity. God bless you!

  • Easter is a time for celebrating God’s grace and goodness. May He shower you with His love! Happy Easter!

  • Easter season is also spring. May yours be full of the great things that each will bring! Happy Easter!

  • God’s blessings be upon you and may they be as plenteous as the flowers in bloom! Happy Easter!

  • God’s love is plenteous and my hope is that it rains down on you with many great blessings. Happy Easter!

  • He is God! His love is abundant and His grace is sufficient. May He bless you with everything that you need this holy season. Happy Easter!

  • He is Lord! He has risen from the dead and He is Lord! Know this, live this, and love this. Happy Easter!

  • He loved us so much that He gave His only son! That’s love! Happy Easter!

  • Here’s hoping that you have an Easter that is a blessing in your life. Happy Easter!

  • Hope that you enjoy your Easter!

  • Hoping your Easter is peaceful and full of happy blessings!

  • It’s great having you in my life. There is so much that we can appreciate because of our faith. Happy Easter! God bless you!

  • Jesus rose from the dead that we may have eternal life. Thank God! Happy Easter!

  • Just like the fields are filled with beautiful flowers, so too, shall you be blessed with the bounty of God’s great love! Happy Easter!

  • May the blessings of The Lord be with you on Easter and everyday!

  • May the joy of Easter overtake you as you enjoy God’s amazing miracles and blessings! Happy Easter!

  • May your Easter be filled with blessings!

  • May your Easter be wrapped with peace, love, and blessings! Happy Easter!

  • Miracles do happened. One happened at Easter! Happy Easter!

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