Father’s Day Quotes for Son

Your son has helped make you a grandparent. The gift and joy of grandchildren always warms the heart and your Father’s Day message for son you send him will let him know how much you think of him as a dad. The Father’s Day quotes for son, from Dad or from Mom, will make him feel proud of the man and father you helped him become. Your son is raising his children based upon your teachings; and that should make you proud too. He will always know you are proud of him. We here at CardMessages.com wish you all the very best on Father’s Day!

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  • You are loved, respected, and admired more than you’ll ever know. We are so proud to have you as our son and as the father for our wonderful grandchildren. Happy Father’s Day!

  • You have grown from a boy into a man and you have dedicated your life to your children. We could not have dreamed of having a better son and they could not have dreamed of having a better dad! Happy Father’s Day, Son!

  • What you are doing in the lives of your children will pay off in years to come. You are a wonderful example for them and a father that anyone would be proud to have as their one. Happy Father’s Day, Son!

  • No matter where you go and what you do, you will always be in our hearts. We love you! Happy Father’s Day, Son!

  • May your Father’s Day be a day that is dedicated to your happiness and full of love! Happy Father’s Day, Son!

  • We were blessed with you. Your children have been blessed to have you. You’re just a great big blessing to us all! Happy Father’s Day To Our Wonderful Son!

  • Remember when you said, "That’s not fair"! OK so, now you are starting to understand being a father will make it all so clear and totally understandable. Happy Father’s Day, Son!

  • Son, you’re doing a fantastic job being you and because of that, you are one of the most awesome dads and fantastic sons on the planet! Happy Father’s Day!

  • Enjoy every moment of their lives. Just like you, they will grow faster than you’ve ever imagined. Happy Father’s Day, Son!

  • You’ll never know exactly how much we love you, but you will always know that you are loved. Happy Father’s Day, Son!

  • I don’t think that I could be more proud of you. You’re an awesome father and an amazing son! Happy Father’s Day, Son!

  • You deserve the love and joy that you always give to others. We hope that you have it and more on Father’s Day! Happy Father’s Day To Our Wonderful Son-in-Law!

  • It’s only fitting that you have continued to light up the world with love and happiness, from our family to having one of your own. Happy Father’s Day, Son!

  • We are so full of love, warm wishes, and happiness at how wonderful you are as a father. We are extremely proud of you! Happy Father’s Day, Son!

  • You’ve got great covered on so many sides. Happy Father’s Day To A Great Son Who’s Also A Great Dad!

  • We are having a ball just watching you be a dad and enjoying all that life has to offer! Happy Father’s Day, Son!

  • We know that we did a good job bringing you up because we see you being a fantastic dad as you bring up your own children. We all deserve a pat for that!! Happy Father’s Day, Son!

  • Being a dad is not so bad, huh? Lot of work, lot of fun, lot of love Totally worth every moment! Happy Father’s Day!

  • It took being a wonderful son for you to become a wonderful dad. Kudos to you! Happy Father’s Day!

  • Happy Father’s Day, Son! You’ve given us more than grandchildren. You’ve given us pride, so much love, and a life full of happiness!

  • Keep laughing .it’s the best way to get through those less-than-ideal fatherhood days. Happy Father’s Day, Son!

  • We really scored big when we got you for a son-in-law! Happy Father’s Day!

  • Father’s Day is the perfect occasion for telling you how terrific you are. Son YOU’RE TERRIFIC!!! Happy Father’s Day!

  • To A Great Son-in-Law You are a wonderful addition to our family and we couldn’t imagine life without you! Happy Father’s Day!

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