Father’s Day Quotes for Anyone

You may like his stories but not his rules. You may learn from his advice and like his jokes. Your father means so much to you and has a special meaning in your life. Father’s Day messages and meaningful Father’s Day quotes are one way for you to ensure you tell your dad how much you love him. Making the perfect Father’s Day card will fill him with the pride and joy he felt the day you were born. The words you use will bring a smile to his face and heart. He will always know you are proud of him. We here at CardMessages.com wish you all the very best on Father’s Day!

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  • You deserve to have an awesome Father’s Day because you’re an awesome father! Happy Father’s Day To You!

  • Wishing you a beautiful day that includes everything that makes you happy! Happy Father’s Day!

  • Praying for you to have a blessed Father’s Day! May God forever bless you, keep you, and lead you. Happy Father’s Day!

  • Sit down, relax, and let the world honor you on your day! Happy Father’s Day!

  • Wishing you blessings for a glorious Father’s Day!

  • What’s in a name? Love, support, respect, and greatness especially the name, "Dad"! Happy Father’s Day!

  • Because you are so special, kind, and most importantly LOVED! Happy Father’s Day!

  • May your Father’s Day be largely and amazingly wonderful!

  • May your Father’s Day be a beautiful mix of loving warmth, special moments, and joyous fellowship with those that love you most. Happy Father’s Day!

  • Even though I’m not there to wish you well in person, I never want you to think that the miles between could ever cause me to love or appreciate you any less. That would never happen even if I was on the moon and you were floating out in the galaxies!! Happy Father’s Day!

  • Some people are just meant to be dads. They are usually ones that are awesome at it like you! Happy Father’s Day!

  • Humble, reserved, patient, and sweet. You’re a perfect gentleman, a terrific dad, and exactly how we should all hope to be! Happy Father’s Day!

  • It’s only natural that you would be the center of attention today. You’re a great dad and everybody will want to tell you! Happy Father’s Day!

  • Misbehavior break just for you!!! Happy Father’s Day!

  • Thoughts of you linger in my mind making me feel that you’re closer to me than you really are. That’s what love will do! Happy Father’s Day!

  • So glad that even though life is about change, the love of a father is always there! Happy Father’s Day!

  • May you have a Father’s Day that’s as calming as the waves on a warm afternoon and as pleasant as the most beautiful flowers when they bloom. Happy Father’s Day!

  • May you enjoy the songs of silence on Father’s Day! Wishing you a happy and peaceful day!

  • A standing ovation is due for you! Happy Father’s Day!

  • Blessings, wishes, and plenty of hugs for you . Happy Father’s Day!

  • Do a great job doing nothing! It’s your day! Happy Father’s Day!

  • Even our canine friends know that you’re a great dad! WOW! That’s dog gone good! Happy Father’s Day!

  • You’re a star! Happy Father’s Day!

  • You are great at so many things while golf is not one of them, I must admit that your overall greatness is not diminished in the least! Happy Father’s Day!

  • Wishing you a serene and wonderful Father’s Day!

  • A year of happiness is what I wish will follow from this day. So, Happy, Happy, Happy Year and Happy Father’s Day!

  • Being a great dad is a piece of cake for you! Here you go! Enjoy!!! Happy Father’s Day!

  • Dads get some "interesting" gifts for Father’s Day. Most of them are as a result of the fact that kids don’t have lots of money, no ID to purchase the brew skis, and are unable to drive anywhere cool. Oh well Happy Father’s Day, anyway!!

  • Fantastic father, is what you are. Darling daddy, a star by far. Phenomenal papa and so much more. You’re someone we all love and adore! Happy Father’s Day!

  • Having even one makes you a dad so Happy Father’s Day To You!

  • If it weren’t for the kids, I wouldn’t have to say Have a Happy Father’s Day!

  • It takes some beary wonderful to raise beary great kids. You’re doing that! Happy Father’s Day, Papa Bear!

  • Let them spoil you for a change! It’s Father’s Day!

  • May your Father’s Day be absolutely, totally, completely perfect!

  • May your Father’s Day be simply heavenly! Happy Father’s Day!

  • Put your feet up. Grab some of your faves. Have an outstanding Father’s Day!

  • Some things have such great names apples, trees, DADS! Happy Father’s Day!

  • We are always amazed at how you keep our lives more interesting those interesting sights and smells really keep us on our toes. Happy Father’s Day!

  • Wishing you an extraordinary Father’s Day!

  • Everybody understands that tools can be expensive so, after finishing tightening the screw on the drawer, Joe starts thinking of the million little honey-dos he will need to conquer before his family stops harassing him about the price of tools!! Happy Father’s Day!

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