Father’s Day Quotes for Nephew

You are officially either a grand-uncle or grand-aunt since your nephew has children. The good times you and your nephew had while he was growing up (and you were too!) add flavor to your Father’s Day messages for nephew that you write into his Father’s Day card. The Father’s Day quotes for nephew spell out the meaning of pride and love you have for him. He will smile at the love you send and remember all the good times you had together. He will always know you are proud of him. We here at CardMessages.com wish you all the very best on Father’s Day!

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  • May you have a Father’s Day that’s out of the park! happy Father’s Day, Nephew!

  • Nephew, we think about you often not just on Father’s Day. But because you’re such a fantastic dad, we wanted to be sure to say, "Hope Your Father’s Day Is Perfect In Every Way"!

  • We have always beamed with pride because of you, Nephew. But, we’re even prouder now that you’re such an amazing dad! Happy Father’s Day!

  • Thank goodness, you don’t have to dress up in a suit and tie to be a dad. You can just hang around in old boxers and a t-shirt playing video games with the kids, and everybody loves you! Happy Father’s Day, Nephew!

  • We are so grateful that you are a part of our family. You’re special in every way. Happy Father’s Day, Nephew!

  • Happy Father’s Day, Nephew! Hoping that you have a beautiful day!

  • Do what you want to do today, Nephew! It’s Father’s Day! Enjoy!

  • May you have an awesome-do-nothing-but-get-served kind of Father’s Day! Enjoy!

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