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Birthday Wishes for a Friend

Friends are awesome! True friends are always there for you no matter the situation, the time of day, or what they’re doing at the moment. Celebrating their birthday with them, whether near or far, requires special crafted words. The birthday wishes for friends you will find on this website will help you create the perfect message. You will find many birthday quotes for friends to use in your unique birthday card to them. They will smile and feel the warmth of love you have for them.

Birthday Wishes For A Friend

  • It’s party time! Let’s dance and sing! Happy Birthday!

  • It’s your BIG day, so let’s celebrate it! Happy Birthday!

  • It’s your birthday, so I will give you the honor to be a goddess for today. Me? I can be your angel. Happy Birthday, goddess!

  • Let’s go to a restaurant, have food and talk and laugh. Don’t forget to pay the bill after we are done. Happy Birthday!

  • Let’s sign a friendship pact on your birthday that we would never let this friendship go. Happy Birthday!

  • May Lord shower his never ending blessings on you! May your birthday be the beginning of a joyous year for you! May you have many more! Happy Birthday, dear friend!

  • May our friendship live for hundred years to come! Happy Birthday!

  • Our warm friendship can cause warmth in the freezing month of December. Happy Birthday!

  • Party it up-Happy Birthday!

  • Planning your birthday-you just get the bills paid. Happy Birthday!

  • This card may look ordinary but my feelings for you are special. You are a special friend. Happy Birthday!

  • Today is the day to celebrate the beauty you bring into my life. Happy Birthday, chum!

  • Waiting for a sweet and toothsome birthday cake! Happy Birthday!

  • We are BEST FRIENDS-lucky we! Happy Birthday!

  • You are a true Wordsworthian, since your friendship is full of nature-it is shiny like the sun, wavy like the ocean and true like the deep blue sea. Happy birthday!

  • You are a true friend, who has stayed by me through all ups and downs of life. Happy Birthday!

  • You are my best friend because you fill my heart with joys and my mind with great thoughts-and of course you empty my pockets when we go out for food. Happy Birthday!

  • You are my goody good friend. Happy Birthday!

  • You are the brightest North Star in my life. Happy Birthday!

  • You deserve a royal treatment today - come on, after all it is your birthday. Happy Birthday!

  • You have always been there for me like a true friend. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Happy Birthday!

  • You make my world beautiful by your precious friendship. Happy Birthday!

  • You need a proof of my birthday? See-Only a good friend would remember your birthday. Plus, a great friend would forget how old you are, and I have honestly forgotten it. Happy Birthday!

  • Your birthday marks a new start of our true friendship. Let’s promise never to let this go. Happy Birthday!

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