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Birthday Wishes for Mother

Mom has helped create many birthday parties for you over the years and truly deserves a terrific birthday card with loving words for her birthday. Your choice of phrases and birthday wishes for mother you can find on this website will help you create the perfect card with unique sayings. The birthday quotes for mother you choose will put a smile on her face and in her heart, making her remember all the fun birthdays from her past.

Birthday Wishes For Mother

  • Thanks for being with me all the time. I have had good and bad times, and no one stood beside me the way you did. Your love for me is unconditional and my love for you is eternal. Love you, mom. Happy Birthday!

  • This birthday card is a small way to show you my love for you. Happy Birthday, mom!

  • We don’t need to say it because we believe you know how important you are to the two of us. Happy Birthday, mom!

  • Whatever I am today is because of you. Happy Birthday, mom!

  • You are an awesome mother-in-law and a great friend. I am glad to be a part of your family. Happy Birthday!

  • You are not only my mommy, but you are also a friend, who has always been around to give me a hand. I love you, mom. Happy Birthday! May you have many more!

  • You are the sweetest mom in the world. You have made my life as sweet as honey! Happy Birthday, mum!

  • You have brought smiles and laughter to my life. Happy Birthday, mom!

  • You have wisdom, strength, a great sense of humor and love. What else can I wish you to have? A daughter that is just like you? Yeah! Maybe! Happy Birthday, mom!

  • You mean fun, joys, laughter, beauty, grace, food, lullabies and all the other best things in life. Happy Birthday, mom!

  • Your presence gives us a great sense of security, a feeling of being blessed and an amazing strength. Happy Birthday, mother!

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