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Wedding Card Messages. What to Write in a Wedding Card

Wedding Card Messages. What to write in a Wedding card?

Marrying the love of your life is one of the rites of passage that makes your lives extra special and immensely happy. Creating your personalized wedding card messages to the special couples in your life will show them how much you care and feel about them starting their life together. Including your unique wedding quotes in the wedding wishes you send them will ensure they understand that you took the time to think about them. So check out the messages and quotes here and send them a card today. We here at Card Messages wish you all the very best!

Wedding Card Messages

  • I understand that I missed one of the most amazing, awesome, glorious, happy, fantastic days of your life. I hope that you enjoyed every single moment of it! Congratulations on your wedding!

  • If the two of you believed it and you achieved it true love! Congratulations!

  • If there were ever a super happy pair that could conquer the world it would be the two of you! Congrats on your engagement!

  • If there were ever a time to be grateful for true love, it would be right now Today we will celebrate the two of you and we will share our happiness that you have found a great gift in each other and in love! Congratulations!

  • Included with this shower gift is a wish that your home be continually filled with happiness, peace, and love! Congratulations!

  • It surely won’t be the same old song as you start your new melodious lives together! Congratulations On Getting Engaged!

  • It’s almost a done deal Now, let’s have a fantastic pre-wedding celebration! Congrats!!

  • It’s just all happy now That’s the hope for your new life! Congrats!

  • Kisses, hugs, wishes are coming your way as we all gather to celebrate your wedding day! Congratulations!

  • Life is going to be GREAT! Congrats On Your Engagement!

  • Life would not have been complete for either of you if the two of you had not met I know this because you completely compliment each other in every way! Congratulations On Your Marriage!

  • Love that lasts forever and a day that’s what you are wished on your wedding day! Congratulations

  • May God lead you in your faith, in your life together, and for always. Congratulations and Blessings To You Both!

  • May each morning together be a reminder of each day of happiness that you’ve had. Wishing you the best life together! Congratulations

  • May happiness reign supreme in your marriage! Congratulations!

  • May the awesomeness of your Big Day linger forever in your hearts and minds! Congratulations on Your Wedding!

  • May the blessing of the Lord fill your life and marriage. Congratulations On Your Wedding!

  • May the two of you have a lifelong friendship and marriage that’s filled with love! Hope that you enjoy this bridal shower gift!

  • May what’s starting out as an "I do" become a lifelong promise fulfilled! Congratulations On The Start Of Something Wonderful!

  • May you have a love that outlasts the tests of time Hope that you like this shower gift! Congrats!

  • May your Bridal Shower be a day that leads to lifelong love and happiness!

  • May your special day be marvelous and your marriage even better! Congratulations!

  • May your wedding day be the beginning of many, many days of joy together! Congratulations

  • My prayer for you is that your marriage be blessed by God forever and ever.

  • My prayer for your wedding is that it is a beautiful blessing that makes each day happier and happier! Congratulations and God Bless You Both!

  • Nothing in the world has seemed as important as that day will be when you officially become a married couple. Congratulations on your engagement!

  • Our hope for the two of you is the greatest happiness ever! Congratulations!

  • Praying that the same spiritual connection that helped to shape your relationship continues to guide your marriage and life. Congratulations On Your Wedding! God Bless You!

  • Seeing the two of you happy makes all of us smile. Knowing that you’re in love makes us swoon. Hoping that your love will last forever is our wish. Congratulations On Getting Married Soon!

  • Shower Blessings FOR THE HAPPY COUPLE True friendship, true happiness, true love .may they be yours forever!

  • Starting now, there is a lifetime of togetherness, joy, and love that will be the path for the two of you. Enjoy! Congratulations

  • Step-by-step stay on the road that ends with a life of happiness and true love together! Congratulations!

  • The engagement is just the first step in a journey of love together! Congratulations

  • There is more to a wedding than just a gown, a tux, and a cake .There are so many wonderful and amazing experiences that you have on that day that’s filled with love, family, friends, and one of true beauties of life marriage!

  • There is something made especially for the two of you a wonderful life of joy, peace, and love together!

  • There’s a special twinkle in each of your eyes .That’s Love! Congratulations and Best Wishes For A Happy Marriage!

  • This Shower Gift Is For An Amazing Couple Hoping that your marriage is a dream come true for two fabulous people!

  • This is the start of something amazing! Congratulations To the Bride and Groom!

  • This shower gift is being sent with tons of wishes!

  • Three letters and it’s on Congratulations on saying "Y-E-S" to a life of happiness and marriage!

  • Together you are absolutely PERFECT! Congratulations To The Happy Couple!

  • Two is so much better than one. Now that you’ll be married, the fun has truly begun! Best Wishes On Your Engagement!

  • We Wish You Happiness Our sincere hope and wish for you is that together, in love, your most wonderful dreams will ultimately come to you! Congratulations On Your Wedding!

  • We have so much that we would like to say to the two of you, but will limit it to this Congratulations, Love, and Happy Times All of our hopes for the two of you!

  • We’re going to have a fantastic time but don’t tell anybody. It’s the bride’s night out and we’re going to paint the town red until she says "I DO"!

  • What God has joined together is a beautiful marriage come true for the two of you. Congratulations!

  • What if you never would have followed what was in your heart? You wouldn’t be here today in love. Congrats

  • When you find faith, love, forgiveness, hope, and strength together you know that happiness is sure to be in the mix. May your marriage include them all and be a blessing for you both! Congratulations!

  • While I’m a little late, the sentiment of this card is timeless. Your wedding day may have come to an end, but my hope is that your love never does! Congratulations!

  • Who cares if others don’t think that your love is perfect? Surely, the two of you don’t! Wonderful Congratulations On Your Wedding

  • Wishing Mr. and Mrs. Perfect Match the best life ever together! Congratulations!

  • Wishing you a double portion of love, joy, and happiness to you both. Congratulations!

  • Wishing you a love that lifts you beyond your problems and makes you feel like you can fly higher and higher. Congratulations On Your Wedding!

  • Wishing you amazing tomorrows with your husband! Congratulations To The Bride To Be!

  • You are a beautiful bride-to-be, and no doubt, you will make an even more amazing bride. Sending wishes for a happy wedding day and an even happier life together with this shower gift! Congrats!

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