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Wedding Card Messages. What to Write in a Wedding Card

Wedding Card Messages. What to write in a Wedding card?

Marrying the love of your life is one of the rites of passage that makes your lives extra special and immensely happy. Creating your personalized wedding card messages to the special couples in your life will show them how much you care and feel about them starting their life together. Including your unique wedding quotes in the wedding wishes you send them will ensure they understand that you took the time to think about them. So check out the messages and quotes here and send them a card today. We here at Card Messages wish you all the very best!

Wedding Card Messages

  • You made it You’re now a card carrying member of the "I Do" Club! Congrats!

  • You marry him. Him marry you. Even cave people could appreciate a little bling! Congrats on Getting That Big Boulder Of A Ring!

  • You probably feel like your floating and that the world is your oyster You’re right! Relish life and your new marriage! Congratulations To A Wonderful Couple!

  • You’ve got the love thing down to a science. May your life together be a wonderful experiment in love and happiness!

  • You’ve really done it now ’til death do you part! Congratulations!!

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