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Mother’s Day Messages for Godmother

Mother’s Day Messages for godmother, Mother's Day Quotes for godmother

Your godmother (fairy or otherwise!) plays an important role in your life and needs to know how you are growing up. While you may not see her very often, sending her a card with Mother’s Day messages for godmother will show her that you care about her and remember that she is interested in your life. The Mother’s Day quotes for godmother you use from this website will help you personalize your messages to her. Please use our messages to create a loving card and send it today. We here at wish you a terrific day!

Mother’s Day Messages for Godmother

  • Wonderful things happen in our lives that make us glad. One of the most wonderful things to happen in my life was the moment that you were chosen to be my godmother. I am so blessed! Happy Mother’s Day!

  • You are a blessed woman and I am a blessed godchild because of who you are and what you do. Happy Mother’s Day To My Wonderful Godmother!

  • May your Mother’s Day be as beautiful, bright, and wonderful as you are. You mean so much to me and you’re love more than you may even know. Happy Mother’s Day, Godmother!

  • They chose you for me and I’m happy that they did. My life is more awesome because I have you for a godmother! Happy Mother’s Day!

  • What I’ve been able to learn through knowing you has made me a better person, inside and out. Thank you for being you! Happy Mother’s Day, Godmother!

  • God brought you into my life and I continue to thank Him for you every day! Happy Mother’s Day, Godmother With Love!

  • Sending you love, wishes, blessings on Mother’s Day and always! Happy Mother’s Day, Godmother!

  • Real godmothers are so much better than the fabricated, storybook kind in so many ways. I’m glad you’re mine! Happy Mother’s Day, Godmom!

  • May your Mother’s Day make you smile and make your heart blossom with great joy and love! Happy Mother’s Day, Godmother!

  • You deserve to have a fabulous Mother’s Day, Godmother! Enjoy!

  • Wishing you a day that is just like you want it to be! Happy Mother’s Day To My Wonderful Godmother!

  • Life is about more than the now. It’s about the times we’ve shared and the moments that define our lives. I’m wishing you all of the wonderful defining times of life and great happiness always! Happy Mother’s Day, Godmother!

  • You are always remembered. I could never forget someone so kind and caring! Happy Mother’s Day, Godmother!

  • Each moment that I spend with you is colored in happiness, learning, and love. Thank you! Happy Mothers’ Day, Godmother!

  • My parents really got it right when they chose you to be my godmother! Best pick ever!!! Happy Mother’s Day!

  • God’s love is in you and you have shared that love with me. I know I’m blessed and my faith continues to enlarge because of what you are in my life. Happy Mother’s Day, Godmother!

  • Wishing you a restful and wonderful Mother’s Day, Godmother!

  • May the blessing of God fill your day and your life! That’s been and will always be my prayer for you, Godmother! Happy Mother’s Day!

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