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First Mothers Day Quotes. Mothers Day Messages for New Mother.

Mother's Day Messages for Mother-to-be, Mother's Day Quotes for new mom

A mom’s first Mother’s Day with her new baby gives her a wonderful feeling that she has a part of her that she will help grow through her teaching and love. Recognizing this wonderment with a card filled with first Mother’s Day quotes will bring a smile to her face and heart. The Mother’s Day quotes for new mother you write will let her know you love her and tell her how much faith you have in her as a new mom. Please use our messages to create a loving card and send it today. We here at wish you a terrific day!

First Mothers Day Quotes

  • This is your first Mother’s Day and it will be special, no doubt. You will enjoy a new feeling and that love you feel for baby you will never be without! Happy First Mother’s Day!

  • I know you can’t resist them. I know they make you melt. I know this is the greatest that you may have ever felt. Those little smiles and sweet moments in time are what make you glad to say, "That baby is mine!" Happy First Mother’s Day!

  • Mommy’s love cannot be replaced. It’s what keeps kids happy and keeps a smile on each face. It’s what we know from the very start. Mommy’s love comes purely from the heart. Happy Mother’s Day!

  • May your first Mother’s Day be as special as you for you as all of mine have been because of YOU! Happy First Mother’s Day To My Daughter!

  • I hope that this first Mother’s Day brings many sweet moments for you and your new baby. Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Just like a dream and full of hope and promise. That’s what your baby is to you and all of those that love your little one! Happy First Mother’s Day!

  • Pride filled hearts of all those that you love and that precious little one will be beaming this Mother’s Day as we celebrate with you! Happy First Mother’s Day!

  • A beautiful new beginning for your family and a bundle of love and joy to anticipate. What a wonderful way to spend your first Mother’s Day! Happy Mother’s Day To The Mom-To-Be!

  • Wishing you a Mother’s Day that’s full of marvelous! Happy First Mother’s Day!

  • It’s just happened and it’s something to be thankful for It’s a new arrival and it’s a new love that you will experience more and more! Happy First Mother’s Day!

  • Get ready to rock and roll Your little one will want to enjoy all of your many "mom" tricks! Happy Mother’s Day To The Mom-To-Be!

  • You’re going to have a ball and a baby!!! Happy Mother’s Day To The Mother-To-Be!

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