16th, 18th, 21st & 30th Birthday Wishes

Milestone birthdays for younger people have very special meanings. The sweet 16th birthday wishes include the possibility of getting a car or at least the keys to drive one. 18th Birthday wishes make the birthday person into a legal adult who can vote, serve their country, and get married. 21st birthday wishes focus on the ability to legally drink. And 30th birthday wishes celebrate the beginning of middle age. No matter the milestone, this website has many birthday quotes for you to choose from.

16th Birthday Wishes

You were just a little girl yesterday and today you are a grown up girl of 16 years of age. This surely feels wonderful because you have grown to be an amazing young lady. Happy 16th birthday!

You are a star that fell down from sky to make this world a better place to live. Today, as you turn 16, the star in you shines bright and big. Happy 16th Birthday!

Wishing my wonderful daughter a happy 16th birthday! You have always made me proud and happy, and I know that you’re a teenager now but nothing will ever change between us.

You just turned 16 – you are as sweet as your age. Happy 16th birthday!

Wow! The party begins now, because you have turned 16 – a pretty young lady. Happy Birthday!

On your 16th birthday, I wish you great friends, adventures, joys, success, and all the fun 16 years old crave for. Happy 16th year!

I have sent my birthday wish on the wings of an angel. May this talented young beautiful woman get all that she ever dreams for! Happy 16th birthday!

16th birthday is always fascinating because it brings with it dreams and joys. Have a great 16th birthday and a superb 16th year!

Wear long heels, put on red lipstick, have a cool hairdo and celebrate your 16th year. Happy Birthday, sweet 16!

Wishing you a great time with your friends and loved ones! Now that you have turned 16, you can have all the teenager’ fun that you ever craved to have in your childhood’. Happy 16th birthday!

Happy 16th Birthday, dear! May the future bring for you great success and ever lasting joys!

Have the sweetest 16th birthday – this year is special because it’s a celebration of youth and the freshest phase of life. Happy Birthday!

It’s your 16th birthday, so let’s laugh, smile and sing sweet songs. Happy 16th birthday!

You are 16 – means you are sweet, fantastic and fun! Happy Sweet 16!

You are every parent’s dream, my sweet daughter. Have a great 16th birthday!

16th year is sweet and fun for various reasons. One reason is that you get to call yourself a teenager’. Happy Birthday, teenager!

Get a sports car, new sunglasses and a hanky panky wrist watch – you are all set to go on a teenager ride. Happy 16th birthday!

Have a fun-filled and joyous 16th birthday!

You are 16 – you’re fun, sweet and above all, a kid turned teenager! Happy 16th Birthday!

You are no more a kid – so, you must act like a dutiful teenager. Happy 16th birthday!

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18th Birthday Wishes

When you are 18, the world looks better, more beautiful and more promising. On your 18th birthday, I wish that the world becomes better, more hopeful and beautiful for you!

This is just a beginning on fun, good friends, meeting new people, parties, and having the best of everything in life. Happy 18th birthday!

You would not turn 18 ever again in life, so make the most out of it. Happy 18th birthday!

Now is the perfect time to celebrate your birthday. You have turned 18 today and you must celebrate it with your loved ones. Happy 18th birthday!

18th birthday means 18 candles on your birthday cake-yummy! Happy 18th birthday!

Wow! 18 years of life calls for celebration and bash. Happy 18th birthday!

It’s your birthday, come on get up, begin the party! Happy 18th birthday!

You have stepped into the phase of adulthood – hope the new phase of your life bring joys and laughter for you. Happy 18th birthday!

21st Birthday Wishes

Happy 21st birthday! This birthday marks for you a change in the way you think and see things around you. May the mature years of your life blossom, now and always!

With 21st birthday, life will take a new turn – you will meet new people and learn a meaning of life that you were not familiar with before. On your birthday, I wish you meet the best people in life and learn a very joyous meaning of life. Happy Birthday!

It has been 21 long years that you have been around-no wonder the world looks so beautiful for the last 21 years. Happy Birthday!

Your 21st birthday means a new page in the book of your life has opened. May this page be colorful and fun!

Happy Birthday on your 21st year! May this year bring for you 21 best things in life!

Wow! Your 21st birthday reminds me of 21 wonderful things about you-have a party and I will give you that list of 21. Hope the curiosity makes you throw a party. Happy Birthday!

21st year is all about fun and maturity. It lies between a maturity and immaturity-you act like a baby but you look like a grown up. It’s an exciting age full of wonders and joys. Happy 21st birthday!

Happy 21st birthday! Congrats on catching up with your new ID-I am sure it feels great!

This is a magical age – you can impress the opposite gender without much effort and can act BIG like you always wanted to. Happy Birthday!

You’re 21-.Hey! Time to party! Happy 21st birthday!

Turning 21 is great fun – people respect you because you look big. Happy Birthday!

I hope that your birthday turns out to be the best one ever. Happy 21st birthday!

Happy 21st birthday! 21st is a special year because it is the starting of 20’s. Have a wonderful year and an awesome birthday!

May your 21st birthday be as exciting as your childhood and as sweet as your adolescence! Happy birthday!

30th Birthday Wishes

Your 20s-RIP and may your 30s be as full of fun and vibrant. Happy 30th birthday!

You are 30 years YOUNG (not OLD) today-happy 30th birthday!

Hey! Being 30 can be hard-you have to act mature and responsible but I hope you can handle that. Happy Birthday!

Although, you look like 20, but the truth is you just turned 30-this is one of the 30 best things about you. Happy 30th Birthday!

Happy 30th Birthday! The world celebrates the birthday of a beautiful and kind-hearted person like you.

On your 30th birthday, I send you warm wishes and never ending joys!

May your 30th birthday be full of fun and love! Happy Birthday!

30 is fun, though I agree it may sound boring-have a fun-filled 30th birthday!

30 isn’t bad-those in their 40s would love to be 30. Happy 30th birthday!

Are you ready to turn 30? Well, you already have- happy 30th birthday!

Are you upset that your 20s are through? Come on, 30s are a whole lot of fun. Trust me! Happy 30th birthday!

Celebrate the 30th year of life with full zeal and vigor! Happy Birthday!

Do you feel old? Come on, 30 is just a baby-remember, how you ate my 30 chocolate packs and told me 30 was just nothing! Happy Birthday!

Happy 30th Birthday! 30 looks so charming and graceful on you that I am jealous!

May your 30th year be joyous and fun! Happy 30th birthday!

On your 30th birthday, I send you love and hug! Happy Birthday!

Wow! 30 means an year to enjoy in 30 different ways. Happy 30th birthday!

Wow! 30 would surely feel BIG and Fun. Happy 30th birthday!

You rock on your 30th birthday-happy birthday!