40th, 50th, 60th, 65th, 70th, 80th, 90th & 100th Birthday Wishes

As we all get older, significant birthday milestones tend to put us into categories that announce our experience, wisdom, and age. 40th birthday wishes may make us feel older but still young enough to do anything like a 20 year old. 50th birthday wishes celebrate half a century of wisdom. 60th and 65th birthday wishes help us recognize that retirement and fun are just around the corner. 70th, 80th, and 90th birthday wishes point to exceptional wisdom whereas 100th birthday wishes for centenarians represent special achievement in keeping oneself healthy for more than a century.

40th Birthday Wishes

On your 40th birthday, may stars be your days and may sun be your nights. In short, have a bright and sunny year! Happy 40th Birthday!

With your 40th year starts a new decade of hopes, fun, and sweet memories. Have a great birthday!

Wear tight jeans, tiny top and put the music at its fullest volume – party party party! Happy 40th birthday!

May your 40th year finds you smiling! – I wish I were a poet to write a poem for you on this special occasion but you have to suffice with a mere wish. Happy 40th birthday!

Press 4′ 0′ on your computer with shift button’ – you will see a smiling dollar. This indicated that your 40th birthday will bring precious gifts and loads of treasure and money for you. Happy Birthday!

40 may seem and sound old and boring but someone as cheerful and graceful as you can make it all the very best of years. Happy 40th birthday to the wonderful you!

You are 40 – think of the 40 things that you could do now but not in your 30s. This will make you feel better. Happy 40th Birthday!

40′ starts with F’ and so does Fun’ and Fabulous’. This perfectly describes you-happy 40th birthday!

Every year you change and grow, but this time it’s something special – you have grown better – because you have matured like a mango! Happy 40th birthday!

Wow! You are 40-.have forty thousand times more fun than ever before. Happy Birthday!

Every day is not as special as today – you have turned 40 today, which means you are 40 times more beautiful and smarter than you were at your birth. Have a great 40th birthday!

40 may sound yuck-but its yum! Trust me! Happy 40th birthday!

Cheers to you on your 40th birthday!

Do you know what makes 40 so special? It’s the very maturity of thoughts and years of experience. May your 40th year be beautiful! Happy Birthday!

It’s fun to be 40-you will know it! Happy 40th birthday!

Let’s party – and this time let it be 40 times bigger than your last ones. Happy 40th Birthday!

On your 40th birthday, I send you 40 sweet wishes. Happy Birthday!

You know being 40 is special in 40 different ways. How? Hmm-well! You must tell me that on your next birthday. Happy 40th birthday!

You look too young for your age-honestly! Happy 40th birthday!

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50th Birthday Wishes

You know 50 can be your life-turner. This is the age when you can look back and realize your mistakes. Remember, a wise person always learns from his mistakes. I wish you a joyful and flawless life ahead. Happy 50th Birthday!

Today is a perfect day to look at yourself in the mirror and thank God for making you so charming and beautiful. Happy 50th birthday!

You don’t look 50 – you look half your age, that is, 25′ – Happy 50th Birthday!

You might get a few gray hair and some wrinkles on your face. But, take only the sunny side of your growing age in mind. 50 is mature and respectful. Happy 50th birthday!

There are 50 different ways you will learn to enjoy your life – now is your time to do that. Happy 50th birthday!

50 is a funny age-you know why? It makes you realize all your past silly mistakes and you have the guts to laugh at them. Happy 50th birthday!

50 means Fantastic Fabulous Fun – happy 50th birthday!

50 stands for – Fabulous Intelligent Fantastic Terrific Yummy! You surely look 50 now. Happy birthday!

All inventors, discoverers, scientists, founders were 50 – can you believe this? It’s my personal research so you can rely on it. Happy 50th birthday!

Are you unhappy for turning 50? Enjoy the new turn – happy 50th birthday!

Everyone is happy that you are turning 50 – they will have another oldie around. Just kidding! Happy 50th birthday!

From 40 to 50 – must have been a long journey. Wishing you a blissful journey as you move from 50 onwards now! Happy 50th Birthday!

Happy 50th Birthday! May God shower 50 amazing blessings on you today! Amen

Hey! Blow a whistle and wear a birthday cap – celebrate your 50th birthday. Happy Birthday!

Hey! It’s your 50th birthday!!! What are we waiting for? Let’s celebrate! Happy 50th Birthday!

Let’s plan your birthday party over the moon this year. Why? Well, because it’s so special – your 50th one. Happy 50th Birthday!

May you 50 perfect birthday gifts on this birthday – happy 50th birthday!

Ready? 1 2 3 4 50-yeahhhh! Happy 50th Birthday!

You are 50 – wow! That explains a lot – the charm and beauty that you possess could never be achieved in lesser years. Happy 50th birthday!

You are 50 years – this is your time to achieve something in life and make us all proud. We would not mind having you as our President. Happy 50th birthday!

You make 50 so charming and elegant – happy 50th birthday!

You will love being 50-Give me 5! Happy 50th birthday!

60th Birthday Wishes

You have led 60 sensational years – make your 60th year a super sensational and your birthday a super duper sensational. You surely deserve that. Happy 60th Birthday!

Cheers to your 60 years of amazing life. Happy 60th Birthday!

May your 60th birthday be as exciting for as would have been your 16th! Happy 60th Birthday!

You are 60 years Young today, not OLD-it’s the heart that makes you young. Happy 60th Birthday!

Being 60 is fun! My 100 years old grandpa told me. Happy 60th Birthday!

60 stands for love and peace. Happy 60th Birthday!

60 is about feeling young-you don’t trust me? You will know that this year. Happy 60th Birthday!

60 is fun and fantastic – have a blast on your 60th Birthday!

60? Old? No way-you are as young as you were in your 20s. Happy 60th Birthday!

Enjoy your 60th year to its fullest – happy 60th birthday!

Sixty looks great on you. Happy 60th Birthday!

Wow! 60 is the way to go. Happy 60th Birthday!

You are getting more precious with the growing age – happy 60th birthday!

You are like a tasty mango, which has matured with time. Happy 60th Birthday!

65th Birthday Wishes

You are elegant, charming and very impressive. Have a wonderful 65th birthday!

Your 65th birthday speaks for your wonderful self, your achievements and your victories. Proud to know you! Happy 65th Birthday!

Your birthday is special because it reminds us of all the last 65 years that you have lived with grace and beauty. Happy 65th Birthday!

70th Birthday Wishes

70 years of colorful life – here is a tribute to you! Salutes! Happy 70th Birthday!

Celebrate your 70th birthday with smiles and joys. Happy Birthday!

Let’s share the beautiful moments of your 70 years of life-happy 70th birthday!

May you always find happiness around and may every day be a day of joys and happiness for you! Happy 70th Birthday!

May your 70th birthday find you smiling and joyous! Happy Birthday!

Your 70th birthday tells that you have lived 70 years of honor and respect. I admire you for everything that you have ever done in life. Happy 70th Birthday!

80th Birthday Wishes

Special events don’t take place overnight – it took 80 long years to have this occasion. I mean your 80th birthday. Happy Birthday!

Eighty stands for fun, brightness and youthfulness. Have a great 80th birthday!

Happy 80th Birthday! You are still young-honestly!

Happy 80th year! Learn from your mistakes and experiences, and spread the light of your understanding. Happy Birthday!

In your 80th year be graceful and keep up your sense of humor. Happy Birthday!

May you find double the happiness in your 80th year than you have found in the last 80 years! Happy Birthday!

90th Birthday Wishes

Celebrate the 90 years of beauty and wonder-happy 90th birthday!

You are a remarkable person – throughout the 90 years of your life, you have spread happiness and joys. Happy 90th Birthday!

Let the beautiful memories of last 90 years of your life always keep you warm. Have a blessed 90th birthday!

90th birthday means 90 candles on your birthday. WOW! I am curious and excited to see that. Happy Birthday!

Have a wonderful wholesome beautiful and amazing 90th birthday! Time to celebrate!!!

You are a special person, so you deserve a special celebration on your special birthday. Happy 90th Birthday!

100th Birthday Wishes

Congrats on making a century! Happy 100th birthday!

You deserve 100 good wishes and blessings-happy 100th birthday!

100th birthday means 100 candles on your birthday cake. Happy Birthday!

Happy 100th Birthday – a special birthday bash for a special person on a special occasion!

Wishing you the strength and wisdom you deserve! Congrats on completing a century of your life – happy 100th birthday!