6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th & 13th Birthday Wishes

As a child gets older, birthday celebrations get more complex with trying to invite the right friends, find the right presents, and say the right things. Pre-teens want to grow so fast and new teenagers try to act so grown-up. Finding the right 6th (7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th & 13th) Birthday wishes for any age can be hard to do. The 6th (7th, 8th, … 13th) birthday quotes you find on this website will help you pick the perfect words to create a unique and heartfelt birthday card that will make them smile and know that you love them.

6th Birthday Wishes

May your beautiful little smile grow to be six times more beautiful in your 6th year! Happy 6th Birthday!

Yahoo! You just turned 6-I can see, you are bigger, smarter, sweeter and stronger. Happy 6th birthday!

Hey! Look who just turned 6??? Happy Birthday, little buddy!

SIX stands for Spectacular Incredible X-man – You are a super hero. Happy 6th Birthday!

Have a super cool 6th birthday. I wish you 6 wonderful blessings on your special day.

You are six today. You have grown up fast. You look more beautiful than ever and you are smart, too. This makes you eligible for a special birthday hug. Happy 6th Birthday!

You are SUPER SIX today! Happy 6th birthday bash!

Now that you are 6, you can enjoy your birthday celebration in the best way. Sing songs and play games. Happy Birthday!

You are 6 – wow!!! This must be giving you a feeling of growing big. Happy 6th birthday!

Being six is fun and joyful. Happy 6th Birthday!

Cut the cake and blow the candles – remember to blow all the 6 candles. Happy Birthday, Sixie!

Have a great 6th birthday!

Have a party on your 6th birthday!

May your birthday be unforgettable! Play Six Super Sensational games-after all, you just turned 6. Happy Birthday!

7th Birthday Wishes

Number 7 is an important number. It’s considered as the lucky number. May your 7th year bring you loads of luck! Happy 7th Birthday!

It’s a special birthday, because there are seven oceans and seven wonders in the world. Happy 7th Birthday!

I wonder how pretty you will be when you turn seventeen, since you are a head-turner even at the age of seven. Happy 7th birthday!

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You are not just 7 years old today, you are smarter and stronger. Have fun this year! Happy 7th Birthday!

You are the coolest kid in the world and seven makes you even cooler. Happy 7th birthday!

May all your dreams come true! Happy 7th Birthday!

You make number 7 all the more special. Happy 7th birthday, special girlie!

Hey! You just turned 7 – you are so BIG! Happy 7th Birthday!

8th Birthday Wishes

Eight years back, an angel came over to visit us and left us with a precious gift. Today, that gift has grown up to be 8 years of age. Happy 8th birthday!

Celebrate the fun of being 8. Happy 8th Birthday!

Eight years ago, a little baby was born to us. Today, that baby is 8 years old. It feels great! Happy 8th Birthday!

These 8 years have been superb for me – happy 8th birthday!

Eight sweet years for you – cheers! Happy 8th birthday!

On your eighth birthday, I wish to hug you and kiss you eight times. Can I please do that? Happy 8!

Wow! Let’s party on your 8th birthday. I promise to treat you like a lady. Happy 8th birthday!

9th Birthday Wishes

Nine stands for Naught Intelligent Nice and Extraordinary. No wonder you are 9. Happy 9th Birthday!

Hail Princess! Your majesty is 9 years old, today. Beat the drums and start the feast! Happy 9th Birthday, Princess!

Hmmm-now that you are a 9 years old guy, you must do some real work-out! Happy 9th birthday!

Nine special prayers of 9-years old – Happy Birthday!

A 9 is like a 6 turned upside down! If you are worried about getting old, shall I hold you upside down?

Hey! This birthday takes you to a new level. Happy 9!

Make up that birthday mood and let’s have fun! Happy 9th birthday!

You are the coolest nine years old kid I have ever come across. Trust me! Happy 9th Birthday!

10th Birthday Wishes

TEN takes you to the next level of your life. It’s a whole new world with different imagination, thoughts, feelings, behavior and dreams. May you have the best of everything, now and always! Happy 10th Birthday!

Congrats on completing first decade of your life. Happy 10th Birthday!

Hey! Ten is close to being a teenager. Ten makes you a ten-ager. Interesting, right? Happy 10th birthday!

Wow! I love to see 10 candles on your birthday cake. Happy 10th Birthday!

Blow 10 candles on your birthday cake and wait for us to sing 10 fantastic birthday songs. Happy 10th Birthday!

You deserve 10 wonderful gifts today – so, tell me what do you want for your birthday? Happy 10th Birthday!

11th Birthday Wishes

You’re 1 twice today – 11! Happy 11th Birthday!

Wishing you a stylish and fashionable new year of your life! Happy 11th Birthday!

12th Birthday Wishes

You are officially capable of handling everything now, since you are 12. Happy Birthday!

Pump up the volume and have a blast on your 12th birthday. Happy Birthday!

Wishing a special person like you a special birthday! Happy Birthday!

Hope your birthday is 12 times cooler than all your past birthdays. Happy Birthday!

13th Birthday Wishes

Hope your first year as a teen turns out to be memorable and superb. Happy Birthday!

Hey! You are a teenager – act cool and easy! Happy 13th Birthday!

Wow! You are 13 today – happy birthday and happy new start of a teenager life!

You’re 13! Mind it! You are a teenager now-have fun!

13th birthday shall be celebrated like anything – happy birthday!

Let’s have a celebration for your 13th birthday! Yeah!

Hey! You are a teenager. This calls for a celebration. Happy 13th Birthday!