Birthday Wishes for Godparents

Your godparents have a special interest in watching you grow and they care about the person you become. Remembering them on their birthdays helps show them how much you care for them. A birthday card filled with birthday wishes for godparents can help you express your feelings for them. You will find many birthday quotes for godparents to help you create a special birthday message for them to make them smile and remember the fun times you’ve had together.

On your birthday, dear Godmother, I wish you great joys. May God shower his never ending blessing on you and may your life be perfect! Happy Birthday!

Your grace and your charm are unmatchable. Happy Birthday, godmother!

I enjoy each and every moment of my life that I spend with you. Thanks for being my Godmother. Happy Birthday!

God has blessed me with beautiful things such as the sun, the moon, the spring season, and above all YOU. You are the best godmother in the world. Happy Birthday!

There are countless things that you have done for me – each proves how caring and loving you are. Happy Birthday!

God couldn’t come down to earth so he created Godmothers. Happy Birthday!

You’re the best Godmother in the world and I have to admit that I am the luckiest goddaughter on this planet. Happy Birthday!

On your birthday, I send you caring words and loving hugs. Happy Birthday, dear Godmother!

A special Godmother like you deserves a special birthday wish. I wish I could climb up a hilltop and scream out loud Happy Birthday, dear Godmother!’

My life without you is incomplete. Wishing you a great birthday, dear godmother!

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A godfather like you is a blessing sent straight from heavens down on earth. Happy Birthday, godfather!

You have blessed me with your guidance, love and friendship. On your birthday, I send you prayers and love for a beautiful future. Happy Birthday, godfather!

I am lucky to have a godfather like you. Happy Birthday, godfather!

May your special day be over-brimmed with special happiness! Happy Birthday, godfather!

You are the best godfather ever. Happy Birthday, godfather!

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