Birthday Wishes For Kids

Children’s birthdays truly make everyone realize how special life can be. The smile on a child’s face shows how happy they are to have friends and family celebrate their birthday with them – Oh, and of course the presents help make them smile too! The birthday wishes for kids you will find on this website help you to craft the perfect birthday message for the special children in your life. The birthday quotes for kids you include will let them know how much you care and love them.

A cousin like you is a real blessing. I am thankful to God for sending you down as my cousin. Happy Birthday!

Years ago a baby girl came into this world and made it a heaven. Today, she has grown up to be a lady. Happy Birthday!

Your birthday is special because it belongs to you. Happy Birthday!

Finally, your special day has come so let’s hugs! Happy Birthday!

May God always bless you with the best of things! Happy Birthday!

May your birthday be filled with surprises! Not the boring type, the unique ones – like a date with a Hollywood star. Happy Birthday!

Wishing you a sunny birthday! Have a superb one!

Birthday time – birthday songs and dance! Woops! Happy Birthday!

Birthdays are fun because they remind us how precious people are. Happy Birthday!

Birthdays come once in a year, so don’t miss the bash! Happy Birthday!

Carpe Diem – seize the day! Happy Birthday!

Cheers to you on your birthday. It’s only not the day to celebrate your birthday but also a day to celebrate you as a person. Happy Birthday!

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Doctor has told me to avoid you, since you are extra SWEET. Happy Birthday, sweet thing!

Get Set Ready Go – Let’s go for a birthday treat! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the best soccer player in our town! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the coolest person in the world! I wonder how you could take such much coldness.

Happy Birthday! Hope this card shows you how much I love and treasure you.

Happy Birthday! Somebody has been waiting for your birthday for the last many days and finally when your birthday is here; somebody’ takes the opportunity to wish you a great luck ahead.

Have a year of fun and joys – may your birthday be everything you wish for.

Have an awesome birthday ever. Happy Birthday!

Have chunks of fun on your birthday!

Have the greatest birthday bash ever. Happy Birthday!

Have the super cool kind of birthday!

Hey! Here is a birthday riddle: Who is the most gorgeous person in the world? You? No! It’s me-ok! Kidding! I know it is your birthday, so no mean jokes for you. Happy Birthday!

Hey! It’s your birthday! Wow! Yeahhhh! Happy Birthday!

Hey! Just sit back and relax-it’s your special day, so no working. Happy Birthday!

Hey! Your birthday is here – happy birthday!

Hit the day! Happy Birthday!

Hope you get loads of birthday gifts this year. Happy Birthday!

Hope you get to eat your favorite food on your birthday. Have a happy one!

Hope your birthday be a bundle of joys for you. Have a happy one!

Hope your birthday bring you surprises and excitements. Have a happy one!

Hope your birthday finds you smiling and charming. Happy Birthday!

Hope your day is as beautiful as your presence in my life. Happy Birthday!

If ever Oscars were given out to people with extraordinary charm and grace-you would win it every year. Happy Birthday!

It’s your day, smile and chill out with friends. Feel younger and look younger, too. Happy Birthday!

Make your day fun-filled and happy. Happy Birthday!

Nothing is like a birthday! Have fun!

Party it – happy birthday!

Sending you a special wish to make your special day bright and beautiful! Happy Birthday!

Sending you trucks full of hugs and kisses on your birthday!

The best kid in the world wishes the best birthday to the second best kid in the world!

The coolest kid I know is whole year older now! Have party – happy birthday!

Thinking of you and all the sweet memories that we have had together! Your birthday is a perfect time to do that. Happy Birthday!

Time to celebrate with cakes and candles – happy birthday!

Wear your best birthday smile and smile on-happy birthday!

What should I get you on your birthday? Moon, sun or stars? – Anything smaller than that does not go with your image. Happy birthday!

When you blow out the candles on your birthday cake, don’t forget to make a special wish. Happy Birthday!

Wishing you a chilly, caky and candy birthday! I know I am good at coining new words-

Wishing you a sandwiched birthday stuffed with the salad of joys and sauce of fun. Have a happy one!

Wishing you a sunny birthday!

Wishing you many more! Have a great birthday!

You are a birthday bee – I taste honey in your words and kindness. Happy Birthday!

You are amazing – there is no one like you in this world. Happy Birthday!

You are the coolest and the most awesome person I have ever come across in my life. I wish you a happy birthday!

You are the coolest birthday person on the planet. Have a wonderful birthday!

You don’t wear makeup, not even branded stuff – then, how come you look so chic and elegant? Happy Birthday!

You have the permission to go wild today, since it is your birthday!

Your birthday is special because you are special. Hope this card makes it even more special. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the best twins in the world! I guess, you were born on the same time because that was the perfect time God chose to send down two angels.

Wishing you a great birthday! Wishing you a great birthday! Wished you twice because you guys are two special twins!

Happy 1st birthday to two loveable and adorable twins! May God protect you against all evil!

Dear twins, have a superb birthday! You guys make a perfect pair for sharing your birthdays.

Happy birthday, twice! May you both have a long healthy life!

You are the best twins I have ever come across – so kind and gentle. Happy Birthday!

I wonder what a twin birthday feels like. Happy Birthday, twins!

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